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"Stars shine for you" wall decal (XL size) - UST Kids
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“Stars shine for you” wall decal (XL size)


THE “FLY ME TO THE MOON” collection is ideal for little dreamers who want to fly to the Moon. You can create an amazing room for them to play, dream and tell stories in.
Sweet dreams !

1 sheet XL size 96 x 17 cm
High quality wall decals.

Designed & Made in France.

Ideal match :  mix it with the “Fly me to the moon” Poster and with some wall decals : outer space and/or glow-to-the-dark stars.
The combination will give you an amazing style !

In stock


THE “FLY ME TO THE MOON” collection is dedicated to every little boy who dreams to fly to the moon !
So let’s go there …. Some very cute space wall decals mixed with some glow-to-the-dark stars wall decals, a poster and there you are.

Your kids will love this very “spacial” atmosphere. You can arrange and stick the wall decal as you are inspired and create you very own “universe”.

Material : Matte vinyl

You can apply our wall decals on any clean and smooth surfaces.
 Application is easy and you can remove the decal if necessary. They don’t leave traces on the wall. You will find detailed instructions with your order.


LILIPINSO cherishes a passion for interior décor and a taste for beautiful things. Its collections are distinguished by the multiplicity of styles contained within its catalogues. They endure and are reinvented, a subtle blend of basics and original creations which echo new trends.
Ref : LI-S1193


For best results, you can mix and match the “Stars shine for you” wall decal with some glow-to-the-dark stars wall decals (S1192) and some outer space wall decals (S1196). You can also choose to associate it with the “Fly me to the moon” poster (P0230).
For larger rooms, we suggest you to add the “We are the night” glow-to-the-dark wall decal (S1191).
Why don’t you paint one of the wall or part of it in a blue tone color ?


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